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Vancouver Island’s Education Sector

This economic sector reflects all levels of education – primary, secondary and post-secondary – as well as specialized instruction. It employed over 27,000 Vancouver Island residents in 2015. 

Since 2009, International Education has emerged as an important export industry for BC and more and more international students are choosing to study on Vancouver Island. International student enrolment continues to be an important factor in the growth in Vancouver Island’s Education sector. In 2015, international student enrolment in K-12 increased by approximately 9 percent, while enrolment in publicly funded post-secondary institutions increased by 11 percent. These growth rates were lower than in 2014; however, the share of international students in BC that are enrolled in institutions on Vancouver Island has remained relatively stable. This suggests that the decline in growth rates on Vancouver Island is related to a slowing of overall growth of international students in BC, not a loss of market share. Growth in international enrolments is expected to continue albeit at a slower rate. Consequently, employment in the sector is expected to remain stable.

For detailed information on this sector including enrollments, employment, wages and the number of businesses in this sector, consult recent editions of VIEA’s State of the Island Economic Report or view our interactive Economic Map.