Island Rail Corporation

400, 900 6 Ave SW
Calgary, AB, T2P 3K2
About Island Rail Corporation:

International Interest in the Island Rail Corridor — Island Rail Corporation (IRC) is a privately held company and seeks to assist First Peoples, the Island Corridor Foundation, Vancouver Island residents and businesses, Provincial and Federal governments, and all stakeholders in realizing the goal to rebuild the Island Rail System to a modern standard and realize its full potential for the next millennium and beyond. The Island Rail Corridor can accommodate a contemporary modern rail system for domestic, national, and international rail freight; as well as local and tourist passengers alike while simultaneously supporting existing and future parallel hiking and biking pathways. Currently Underway: A comprehensive business plan that addresses the complete rebuilding of the Island Rail Corridor in a phased approach with an expected total capital investment of $1 billion. To continue our engagement with First Peoples; support the need to address the unceded territory that the rail corridor resides on; and extend First Peoples an open invitation to partner in the operation of a contemporary Island Railway. Phase I — To rebuild Island Rail infrastructure between the ports of Port Alberni and Nanaimo. Phase II — To establish the associated and required port infrastructure within the Port-to-Ports (P2P) corridor for the receipt and handling of domestic, national, and international cargo. Phase III — To establish a rail terminus for the management of rail cargo on behalf of its customers. This will be based on Vancouver Island. Phase IV — To build custom-designed world-class rail barges that will accommodate up to one hundred (100) rail cars of cargo per sailing, thereby providing seamless rail transport between Port-to-Ports with direct access to three North American Class I rail networks within Metro Vancouver (CN/CP/BNSF). We refer to this as the ‘Iron Highway’. Phase V — To confirm the domestic, national, and international cargo available for handling on the ‘Iron Highway’. This is underway with some 144,000+ rail carloads identified to date. “As President of Island Rail Corp, my 35+ years of railway operational experience can confirm a bright future is ahead for Vancouver Island with rail. Contemporary rail provides a cost-effective and environmental means to move cargo, people, and support tourism. Having Vancouver Island recognized as a Foreign Trade Zone will open the door to the Island, the First Peoples, and all others to global commerce.” Mr. Dave Hayden, President — Island Rail Corp. “The opportunities associated with having Vancouver Island re-establishing rail service provide my company with the continued growth of multiple business opportunities between Mexico & Canada. Having hosted ten businesses from Mexico to Vancouver Island, interest is keen to expand the marketing, manufacturing, and reciprocal trade between our two countries.” Mr. Juan Navarro, President – CMX Partnerships. There has been much discussion surrounding the opportunity for rail on Vancouver Island and Vancouver Island will continue to grow above the national average. First Peoples need to have the unceded territory that makes up the rail corridor resolved, within the framework of rail providing their communities with sustainable, manageable and environmental socio-economic means that meets their needs and those of Vancouver Island as a whole.

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