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About McIntyre Consulting:

While living life to the fullest with an unquenchable passion for people, my community, and the natural environment, I love helping creators bring great ideas to fruition! I get excited about connecting with others, solving problems, and inspiring each other to leadership through thoughtful conversation, adventure recreation, and music. As a multipotentialite with strong roots on Vancouver Island and a diverse background in marketing, project management and adventure recreation, I believe that authenticity is key in all aspects of business, especially when it comes to relationships. Along with my exceptional team of fellow creators, thinkers and innovators, I work one-on-one with founders and managers to develop impactful branding and uniquely resounding marketing and communications solutions for a wide variety of sole proprietorships, non-profits, startups and established firms that positively impact the people and communities they serve. I like healthy local food, strong coffee, intelligent conversation, and the beautiful west coast. If you’d like to spend some time with me to enjoy any one of these, feel free to track me down through Twitter (@CalebMcIntyre_) or via my email address ( Take care, friend :)

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