NexGen Aquaculture Vancouver Island Inc.

3935 Nelthorpe Street
Victoria, V8X3Z2
About NexGen Aquaculture Vancouver Island Inc.:

NAVI is a product of talented people getting together with idea creators, engineers, academics, investors and managers to maximize shared benefits. All of us are interested in working to create a successful, profitable business that contributes to the social and environmental good. NAVI embodies social, environmental, ethical, technological, and economic balance. The company will provide a viable alternative to imports, an alternative to the demand on our oceans, and an alternative to unsustainable aquaculture practices. We plan to grow NAVI jumbo shrimp in a technologically advanced, indoor, closed system, aquaculture farm. The farm is designed to be bio-secure, to provide organic jumbo shrimp that are bio-toxin, chemical, antibiotic, pesticide free. We will be able to share full traceability from farm to the table. NAVI is part of the solution for our oceans, our land and the growing population to make the world a better place.

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