Starrboard Enterprises Inc.

5519 Parker Avenue
Victoria, V8Y 2N2
About Starrboard Enterprises Inc.:

Starr McMichael is President of Starrboard Enterprises Inc. an organization offering services in; leadership training, specialized event planning, fundraising and Corporate Volunteerism. Starr describes herself as a Specialized Generalist having led a successful career as an Executive Manager/Owner/Operator in the Marine Hospitality, Tourism, Food & Beverage and Event Management Industries, for which she is extremely grateful. She has a rich volunteer life that has informed her view of Corporate Volunteerism as it relates to giving back to the community partnered with the successful impacts volunteering can have on business. Starr presently serves as a Vice Chair for Tourism Victoria – Chair Transportation Committee, Director on the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority and the Tall Ships Society. She is honoured to have been a recipient of the C-FAX Community Leader of the Year Award. Starr currently chooses to consult on projects that fall under the umbrella of contribution to a greater good for our communities, be it in paid or volunteer positions. Her passion is speaking to leadership; of one’s life, in partnership and as a contributing member to the societies’ we live in.

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