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Don’t Miss Out – The ‘State of the Island Summit’ is next week!

Time is running out! Register today for the Economic Summit!  

Registration closes Friday, October 20th at 5:00pm

The 17th Annual State of The Island Economic Summit will take place on October 25 & 26 at Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo, BC.

Register here!“The State of the Island Summit is the one event where you can be assured to meet and reconnect with leaders from across the Island region. The sessions are engaging, the speakers are insightful, and the company is great. Don’t miss it!”

– Dan Hurley, Principal, Hurley Martin Group

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Registration Now Open for the Action Labs!

Regional Food Security

Community Design & Economic Development

Join Us with a Purpose: These two dynamic workshops will become a point of reference for VIEA to support the goals and journey towards regional resilience.

What to Expect:

  • Intention-Driven Discussions: Engage in purposeful 3-hour conversations, where solutions take centre stage. We’re bringing together a diverse group of up to 55 participants, including regional experts, business leaders, and enthusiasts.


  • Building Regional Connections: Active participants who are subject matter professionals and passionate experts, will collaborate with Summit delegates. Together, we’ll explore the intersections of ideas, fostering connections that pave the way for a stronger, more resilient region.


Looking Ahead: VIEA remains committed, extending our efforts beyond the workshops. We’ll support the outcomes derived from the ‘what we heard reports’ for the next two years. Summit 2024 will serve as the cornerstone, building upon the foundation laid this year.

Be a Part of Something New: This year, we’re innovating and inviting you to be a part of it. Let’s shape a resilient future together.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of these engaging Action Labs! Secure your spot at the Summit by registering to receive the registration details.


New this Year: Speaker Series

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We are excited for the Speakers Series taking place from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on Wednesday, October 25th at the Summit. Check out the lineup:

  1. Regional Development – Stay updated: connect with funders and regional organizations for opportunities.



  1. Impact Companies – Inspiring leaders: prioritizing social, environmental, and community impact in business.



  1. Change Makers – Trailblazers: forging new paths and sharing their stories.


  1. Collaborative Projects – Uniting Strengths: Driving positive change through strategic alliances and mutual support.


Don’t miss out. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions on sustainable regional development. Explore visionary ideas from innovative change-makers. Ignite your passion for propelling organizations into regenerative business models and discover how collaboration can open doors to exciting opportunities. See you there!

Thank you to SW Event Technology for sponsoring these Speaker Series sessions.

Innovation Island Session Spotlights: 

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This year, Innovation Island is offering four compelling sessions that you won’t want to miss:


Digital EARTH
Learn about cutting edge GIS, digital-twinning, data science, and how measuring key aspects of our biosphere are making remarkable advances in the care of our world.


Clean it, protect it, save it, manage it, we can’t live without it! New technologies are providing on-the-ground solutions, here and abroad.

  • Speaker to be announced


Clean AIR
Our world and our communities are facing a new reality, air pollution knows no boundary. From carbon capture to home & office environments innovators are getting serious!


Manage FIRE
Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, FIRE season! How can we better address the impacts and challenges of something we can’t control…


Thanks to our Sponsors


The Vancouver Island Economic Alliance could not present the annual Summit in such scope and quality without the support of our sponsors. These sponsors are passionate about the region, the work they do and the possibilities of a thriving innovative economy. Thank you to all our Sponsors for their recognition of the Summit’s positive impacts and VIEA as a whole.



Interested in being a VIEA sponsor? Check out our sponsorship kit here, or connect with Julie: or 250-668-5389.

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