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Enjoy Island Good during the Summit

Suzanne Hedges, Relationship and Business Development Manager, Island Good


Support Island Good When Planning Your Summit Meals

Prior to changing to 100% virtual our intent was to serve Island Good food and beverage to the in-person attendees. We encourage you to enjoy Island Goods during the Summit. Visit the website for a listing of over 180 Island Good businesses.

Also follow @islandgoodbrand on your favourite social media platform to keep up-to-date on all our licensees. During the Summit there will be a chance to win an Island Good Gift Box!  

Island Good is all about promoting local products so that it is easy to find what you are looking for. You’ll see shelf markers in participating stores showing you which products are Island Good. You’ll see retail signs that say ‘Island Good is Here’ and producer signs that say ‘We’re Island Good.’ Island Good labels, shelf markers, and signs are your guides for buying local products.

The Island Good brand is available for any Vancouver Island product from potatoes to mattresses, any retailer selling Island Goods and any restaurant using Island products in the menus.

We love where we live. We’re proud of Vancouver Island. And we think Island Good is good for the economy, good for jobs, good for the environment, and good for us!

It’s all good, Island Good!


Island Good – Recipes for Success


  Buying local products has never been more important…
  COVID 19 has moved the dial on supporting local products from ‘nice idea’ to ‘essential for our security’. Supply chain disruption and concerns about product quality and reliability of imported products has shown us our vulnerability to disruption. With the benefit of the Island Good brand raising public awareness and local government sponsorship, Island Good producers and retailers have seen sales increase and markets expand. At the same time, Island Good licensing has increased by more than 400%. 
  Join this storytelling session at the  ‘State of the Island’ Economic Summit for an annoucement on our latest sales results and get inspired by business owners who are making stuff you need.
  Thank you to H2 Accelerator for sponsoring this session.


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