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Futurescape 2.0

Following last year’s exciting but somewhat dystopian presentation, this year we focused on more near-term impacts from the collision of hardware, software, networks, applied sciences and disruptive business models.

Questions, Questions, Questions…
What are the likely ripple effects of driverless cars?
How close are we to lab-grown meat, seafood substitutes, and insect protein in the food industry?
Should my business start accepting cryptocurrency payments and how is the Blockchain poised to change everything, again?
When, or perhaps should, we start using AI driven decision-making in important business or social choices?
What are the local impacts to the so-called gig-economy and how can we encourage concepts of Intrapreneurship?

Meet the panel of industry experts who are working with novel innovations and enabling technologies that deploy practical solutions to markets locally and abroad: 


To view the full presentation from the 2018 State of the Island Economic Summit, click here.

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