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Getting Goods to Market

Join our Summit session on solving distribution & access issues for Island food producers!

How can we solve the issues of distribution and access to markets that have long inhibited potential for Island food producers?

With demand for local products at an all time high, we need to find a solution for this problem so that our local producers can focus on meeting the growing demand while supported by an efficient distribution system.

Join expert panelists at the upcoming State of the Island Economic Summit, October 27th to 29th, as they speak to the challenges and emerging opportunities in our ‘Getting Goods to Market’ session.


• Bruce Williams, CEO, Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce


• Jaymie Collins, General Manager, Vancouver Island Farm Products

• Mark Smith, Principal, Query Distribution

• David McCormick, Director Public Relations and Business Development, Port Alberni Port Authority

Thank you to the Port Alberni Port Authority for sponsoring this session!


Island Good Manufacturers Share Their Unfinished Stories

The Island Good brand has taken hold now with 80+ licensees, and continues to grow! While the brand started with food and beverage, local manufacturers are also seeing benefit as everyone now recognizes the importance of supporting local producers for product security.

Find out how these producers have been faring and where they are heading now in our ‘Entrepreneurs’ session:


• Kristi Rivait, Co-founding Director, Scale Collaborative


• Landon Sheck, Principal, Auxbox

• Duane Franklin, Partner, Fawcett Mattress

• Nels Dugstad, Owner/Principal, Jade Fine Food and Packaging and Arbutus Farms – Fresh Deli Foods


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