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Inclusive Leadership


Our Point of View on Diversity and Inclusion

LHH Senior Consultant, Naoufel Mrini, and Jean-Luc Plante, CSL Group Director of Organizational Development and Global Training, will share their story of addressing discriminatory and non-inclusive behaviours such as gender inequality and cultural discrimination in a toxic work environment. Join them to find out what they did, how they did it, what worked and what didn’t.

LHH is the leading global provider of talent and leadership development, career transition and coaching. The CSL Group Inc. (CSL) is a leading provider of marine dry bulk cargo handling and delivery services and the world’s largest owner and operator of self-unloading vessels. Headquartered in Montreal, CSL is a Canadian-based, privately-owned shipping company with affiliate offices around the world.

Based on LHH’s global experience, we believe that there are three key levers to make Diversity and Inclusion part of an organization’s DNA:

  • Ensuring diverse talent mix is in place
  • Fostering inclusive mindsets and behaviours
  • Building Diversity and Inclusion in organizational practices

Thank you to Chartered Professional Accountants of BC for sponsoring this session.


The Geography of Disruption

2020-21 delivered one of the biggest disruptions to modern life and economy that most of us have ever experienced. Albeit, the impact of these “disruptions” varied greatly depending on your positioning within our economic system. At the same time, we’ve struggled to better address a long list of social and cultural issues, not to mention the existential threat of climate change. While most of us agree on the “17” Sustainable Development Goals, what’s far less agreeable is how we will achieve them. If you do the math (and many have) sustainability is not sustainable, it’s too slow, arbitrary, and it’s not “scalable” for what’s really needed. Love it or hate it, the forces of disruptive innovation and dematerialization might just save us (spoiler alert – it’s already happening).

Join Graham Truax, Executive Director, Innovation Island discussing the geography of disruption and riple effects of dematerialization at the Summit.

The Geography of Disruption session is sponsored by Reliable Controls.


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