Capturing Talent

Capturing Talent

The premise for our ‘Capturing Talent’ initiative is based on the question: ‘Do we do as well retaining talent from our colleges and universities to live and work here, as we do in attracting that talent to our colleges and universities in the first place?’ The aim is to build collaboration amongst the institutions and with the business community to ensure that students who want to build their lives on Vancouver Island have every opportunity to become the business successors and entrepreneurs of our future.

It is a well-established fact that International Education is one of British Columbia’s primary export products. And with five major colleges and universities on Vancouver Island, education for domestic and international students is a significant economic driver. Many of these students require co-op and internship work opportunities in their degree programs. We want to help make sure that as many of these students as possible are able to find meaningful work placements as stepping stones to career opportunities on Vancouver Island following graduation.

To this end, VIEA partnered with the 2017 National MBA Games hosted by Vancouver Island University, and challenged teams of MBA students from 20 universities across Canada to develop business cases to help retain talent on Vancouver Island. These business cases are here displayed. The best ideas from these cases will be assembled into a single plan that will be used along with ideas and data provided by our college and university stakeholders to shorten the gap between students and the Island business community to help ensure a new generation of skilled business successors and entrepreneurs in our Island economy. We then contracted to have this information distilled into a single informational piece, which can be viewed below:


Individual Case Studies from the 2017 National MBA Games:


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