VIEA Business Match

VIEA Business Match

The VIEA Business Match is a partnership between the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) and ABM.

Victoria Conference Centre
Lekwungen Territories, Victoria, BC
March 11 – 13, 2019

VIEA’s mission is to create and present economic development opportunities to communities, First Nations, businesses and other key stakeholders on Vancouver Island. VIEA will use ABM’s technology-facilitated business matching event to connect commercial interests on and off the Island to drive economic growth.

In September 2018, VIEA secured the official designation of Vancouver Island as a Foreign Trade Zone, allowing the region unparalleled access to the North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific markets. With its ocean ports it is poised to play a substantial role in Canada’s export economy as a preferred location for production and a destination for foreign direct investment. Much emphasis will therefore be placed on attracting in- and outbound business interests ready to take advantage of this new and powerful designation.

Anyone interested in creating or leveraging supply and demand chains for domestic or export business will experience significant opportunities to create and nurture revenue-driven partnerships. These can include anything from consulting services to financing, materials and equipment, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.

The VIEA Business Match is a powerful complement to the annual ‘State of the Island’ Economic Summit. While the Summit delivers information on broad-based economic trends, the VIEA Business Match provides a hyper-productive forum for specific business deals and partnerships.

View the full agenda on the ABM website.


Registration Fees

For registration fees, please click here.

Please note:

  • The payment due date is not a registration deadline. On the day of the payment deadline, we remove all inactive or unpaid accounts from the event. Provided your application is approved, we will accept new registrations into the show as long as we have space. Payment and active business matching is required immediately.
  • We only have a limited number of booths available so register early if you wish to purchase one.


Our Rate Structure is Designed to Create Hyper-Productivity

Company registration fees are based on size, measured in number of employees, to keep fees for small businesses, that are not linked to a large corporation, as low as possible to accommodate economies of scale and remove barriers to entry for start-up and small businesses that are the underpinning of Vancouver Island’s economy. This creates the rich diversity of opportunities that creates the superior ROI ABM offers companies of all sizes. We consider the purchasing power of your entire organization, not only the budget of the dsmaller subsidiary or branch office you may represent.

ABM’s business matching concept is based on mutual benefit which is made possible by leveling the playing field. Everybody has the same profile template and number of appointments to attract business matches. Every delegate has the option to accept or decline meetings and is required to bring concrete business opportunities to the table. Observers do not support the productivity of the show as their objectives are not expressed in a business matching profile and they are not available for the pre-scheduled meetings that make ABM so effective. We therefore encourage companies and communities to fully engage by charging more to be on the sidelines. We do not offer free tours of ABM as one cannot help but make meaningful connections in this dynamic network. We will, however, discuss ABM one-on-one before the event and connect you with an ABMer for a user perspective to determine if there is a business case for your attendance. To attend, you must invest.

Our fee structure of Super Early Bird, Early Bird and Regular further supports hyper-productivity. We know that ABM’s productivity increases exponentially the more business matching activity occurs early. We therefore provide a financial incentive to register early. More importantly though, registering early means that ABMers increase their visibility and profile within the curated network. No matter if you represent a community or business, this allows you to raise awareness for your business goals early and increase the probability of attracting the right partners or customers. Additionally, early registration allows Raven Events to recruit more decision makers of specific interest to you. By registering early, delegates maximize results and improve ROI.



Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites
740 Burdett Ave, Victoria, BC V8W 1B2

To book your reservation, please call 1-800-663-5891 or direct at 250-382-3221 and ask for VIEA Business Match Rates. For more information or special requests, contact the Reservations Department at Rates range from $113.00-$159.00 depending on room type and occupancy. Deadline for “special rates” is February 8, 2019

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