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It Is No Secret The World Has Changed…

The question is ‘what does this mean and what will this mean in the Island region?’

Easy access to reliable, repeatable data across sectors and across time is a good starting point–a starting point created to inform decisions with the latest economic data available.

The 2021 ‘State of the Island’ Economic Report is in development and will be released at the 15th annual Economic Summit Oct 26-28. Produced by VIEA since 2015, this will be the 7th edition enabling decision-makers to chart trends in our local economy.

If you haven’t seen or used the Economic Report, you should check out its reader-friendly, info-graphic design that puts top level information at your fingertips while giving access to ‘the data behind the data’. And all six editions starting in 2015 are available so that trends can be charted to show issues arising and opportunities emerging.

“The ‘State of the Island Economic Report’ is a very helpful tool in my role as leader of TD Bank’s Commercial Banking teams across the Island. I leverage the data in the report regularly for my annual business planning activities; I review the industry info to help identify new and growing opportunities; I review population growth stats to ensure we have team coverage across the Island aligned with growth and demand; and I review business formation and insolvency info regularly to identify trends. I’ve been using the report for the last several years and find it a reliable tool with valuable insights that help me form unique strategies for the coming year.” – Katie Bishop, District Vice President, Vancouver Island, TD Commercial Banking.

“VIEA’s ‘State of the Island Economic Report’ is an invaluable tool in the work we do in community. As the primary Workforce Development organization in the North Vancouver Island region, we use regional statistics provided in this report for a range of purposes including: writing funding and grant proposals; labour market information that supports skills development, training, and self-employment opportunities for clients; understanding industry trends and preparing to support industries for upscaling and/or downscaling their human resource needs; organizational strategic planning; and finally we use the cost of living and affordability statistics to keep ahead of trends in terms of our own recruitment and retention strategies. Given the difficulty in sourcing local labour market information for smaller cities and communities, this resource is invaluable and I appreciate the work VIEA puts into publishing it every year.” – Shannon Baikie MA, CCDP, Regional Manager, Community & Labour Market Services, North Island Employment Foundations Society.

The Economic Report is the only non-government, regional economic report of its kind in Canada. VIEA members and Island Good license holders receive the Report digitally free of charge. Back issues (2015-2019) are freely accessible at The current issue is available for purchase ($195 digital and hard copy).

VIEA produces the Economic Report annually as an information service available to anyone seeking reliable information regarding the Island economy.
Current sponsors include MNPCoastal Community Credit Union, and Nanaimo Airport. The Report is produced by MNP under contract with VIEA and guided by a committee of knowledgeable volunteers.

For sponsorship information, contact VIEA President, George Hanson,

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