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Leading Public Relations Guru Dan Tisch to tackle fake news at Vancouver Island Summit

In a broiling sea of information, how do people separate what is fake from what is real? In a recent Ipsos poll, data showed that a majority of Canadians (65%) have, at some point, believed a news story that they subsequently discovered was false. The rise of fake news has matched a decline in the public’s trust in media, but also in community organizations, business and government. The Edelman Trust Barometer has seen public confidence in these groups drop to an all-time low. With that knowledge, how can media, business, government and other institutions earn back public faith and help people discern what is real?

Finding a solution to this issue— that is only worsening with the advent of new audio and video technologies— is top of the priority list for Vancouver Island leaders at this year’s State of the Island Economic Summit.

Steve Roth, President of Seaspan Ferries (sponsor of the Summit), says his organization “takes great pride in the role it plays as a key driver for Vancouver Island’s economy and trusted partner to its communities.”

“Earning trust and creating value are critical,” he says.

Daniel Tisch, Canada’s leading expert on reputation management and public engagement, will share research, strategies and case studies about how businesses, governments, and organizations can earn public trust and create more value for their communities in a keynote to this year’s Summit.

Summit delegates will also get the opportunity to join Daniel Tisch and a panel of experts Dan Hurley- VP of Pearson College, Kerry Slavens- Editor-in-chief at Douglas Magazine, and Bruce Williams- South Island Prosperity Project, for an in-depth conversation about how to communicate effectively in a media landscape littered with confusing and misleading messages.




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