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Magic Happens When Arts & Business Converge


Magic Happens When Arts & Business Converge

Over the past two years, the Vancouver Island arts community has come together in unprecedented numbers to examine how the sector can grow it’s impact and sustainability. These meetings culminated in the first-ever Arts Impact Study for the super-region, finalized in early October 2021.

Join the ‘Magic Happens Where Arts and Business Converge’ session at the hybrid ‘State of the Island’ Economic Summit to discover the findings from the study. This session will also allow for an open a dialogue about opportunities for integrated, strategic collaboration between the arts and business sectors.

Traditional relationships between the arts and business have been centered on an exchange of funds for marketing visibility (sponsorships). But, there is so much more that could be co-created for greater benefits all around.
Thank you to Douglas Magazine for sponsoring this session.


Philanthropy’s Role in Deploying Capital in the New Economy

Join Andrew Chunilall, CEO, Community Foundations of Canada at the hybrid ‘State of the Island’ Economic Summit, taking place October 27th & 28th at the Vancouver Island Convention Centre and online.
Andrew will lay out how trickle-down philanthropy has been perpetuating economic inequality through its business models and culture of donor centricity. We will examine how philanthropy can adopt the principles of equitable, sustainable, just and inclusive to help deploy capital to resolve economic inequality.
Thank you to Array Web & Creative for sponsoring this session.

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