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Nanaimo’s Doughnut Economic Strategy

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Applying Doughnut Economics to Cities: How local government can lead economic development fit for the 21st century

What does it mean for humanity to thrive in the 21st century? Nanaimo is the first Canadian city (joining Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney) to adopt the Doughnut Economics framework to guide all city initiatives in order to build a thriving community that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

Carlota Sanz, Co-founder of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL), with Councilors Tyler Brown and Ben Geselbracht will discuss how Nanaimo is applying the principles of Doughnut Economics and how local governments can leverage their resources to lead robust economic development to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


Navigating workplace change

Our panel of experts will conduct a presentation on mental health in the workplace at the hybrid Economic Summit. The aim of the presentation is to provide practical and actionable return-to-work tools for employers to address mental health concerns in the workplace. Join us Oct 27/28 at the Vancouver Island Convention Centre and online.


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