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Our Forests, Our Climate Session at the Summit
Forests are identified across the globe as critical to climate health and stability.  
Join the Our Forests, Our Climate session at the 2022 State of the Island’ Economic Summit to gain insight on what we know and what are we doing.
The panel session Our Forests, Our Climate will be opened and moderated by the Acting Deputy Chief Forester of BC. We will hear from a leading researcher on climate change about the role of forests, forest management and wood products in mitigating climate change while increasing resilience to climate change impacts. We will learn about Forest Landscape Planning, a new approach for forest management that will improve how we manage forest values in the context of climate change and the need for long term forest resilience; and will also support reconciliation with Indigenous nations, greater community engagement, and improved stewardship of BC’s forests. You will also hear from the BC Forest Practices Board about the recent report, Forest Practices and Water: Opportunities for Action, and the Board’s view on how changes in forest management could improve the protection and conservation of water and downstream values.


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Global Economic Outlook: Mapping the Road Ahead

Get the economic insights you need to protect and grow your business in today’s volatile economic and political climate.
As we head into summer, the global economic outlook is acutely volatile. The conflict in Ukraine has had a magnified impact on Canadian businesses that were already reeling from the lingering effects of the global pandemic. 
It can feel like an impossible challenge to understand how your business will be impacted in a global economy being rocked by labour shortages, rising interest rates and widespread market disruption—or to know how you can protect and even grow your business in such an environment.
Stuart Bergman, EDC’s vice-president and chief economist, will provide a detailed update on the risks and opportunities you’ll face in the current economy and give you the vital insights to support your company’s continued growth at the 16th Annual ‘State of the Island’ Economic Summit, October 26 and 27.
Thank you to Export Development Canada (EDC) for their Platinum Sponsorship of the Summit and Stuart Bergman’s Keynote!
Engage with EDC at the networking and collaboration sessions scheduled from 8:30am to 10:30am on October 26th.
In EDC’s session, the road to 2030 and beyond, they will be addressing EDC’s strategic roadmap to 2030, as we work together to decrease Canada’s trade deficit, by continuing to help Canadian Exporters grow globally, and successfully. This is an opportunity for 1-to-1 dialogue with brief presentations at 8:30am and 9:30am.


Climate Innovation part of the Tech & Innovation Showcase Sessions

One of the Tech & Innovation Showcase sessions presented by the Innovation Island Technology Association, Premier Sponsor for the 2022 Economic Summit.
Perhaps never before have the ripple effects of a tree falling in the forest or a stone thrown in an ocean presented such poignant metaphors to what we are all facing. The science, the evidence, the impact [to climate change] continues to mount. Inventors, innovators, and practical problem solvers are working from one simple premise, we can do better! Hear from three companies who are making a difference.


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