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Recreational Cannabis is Set to be Legalized in Canada Soon. Is your Workplace Ready?

The legalization of recreational marijuana will bring with it many novel challenges for employers.

Some of the questions employers are sure to face will include:

  • How are employers to navigate the legalization of recreational marijuana in light of their legal obligation to ensure a safe workplace for their employees, contractors, clients and the public?
  • Do employers have the right to implement a drug testing program?
  • How should employers navigate the distinction between medically authorized marijuana and recreational marijuana?
  • What is the scope of an employer’s duty to accommodate substance use?


At the State of the Island Economic Summit, taking place from October 24th to 25th, an expert panel will address not only the legal implications of the legalization of recreational marijuana, but also the social and medical issues surrounding marijuana and the workplace. 

 The panel will include:

Matthew Larsen Lawyer, Fasken
Dr. Paul Farnan Clinical Associate Professor, UBC
James GouldManaging Partner, HHBG Lawyers
Discover the current state of the legal landscape governing marijuana and the workplace, an employer’s duty to accommodate addictions, and an employer’s right to implement a drug testing program.
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