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Summit Addresses Development Processes in our Communities

Changing our Ways

It’s time to improve development processes for the communities we want! Too often, public processes fail to deliver clear representation of community perspective and processes can be adversarial and extortionary. We need progressive thinking and better processes to facilitate economic recovery and vibrant communities.

Join a panel of planners and developers at the virtual State of the Island Economic Summit, taking place October 27th to 29th, for the ‘Changing our Ways’ session, featuring:


• Kerry Slavens, Director of PR & Engagement, South Island Prosperity Partnership


• Luke Mari, Principal, Development Leader, Aryze Developments

• Miko Betanzo, Senior Planner, Urban Design, Sustainable Planning & Community Development, City of Victoria

Kathy Whitcher, Executive Director, Urban Development Institute, Capital Region

Thank you to the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board for sponsoring this session!


It’s Good to Produce Goods

There has never been stronger recognition that our economic resiliency depends on producing more local goods.

At the same time, producers often struggle against the headwinds of public sentiment. Attend the panel ‘It’s Good to Produce Goods’ at the upcoming Summit:

• Kerry Slavens, Director of PR & Engagement, South Island Prosperity Partnership (Moderator)

• Paul Shorthouse, Senior Director, The Delphi Group

• Ross Blackwell, Executive Vice-President, Urbanics Consulting

• Jacomien van Tonder, Project Coordinator, Metal Tech Alley

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