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The Pros & Cons of Going Digital

Working from home, competing online, doing business virtually…

Now more than ever, it is important for companies to adapt to the current circumstances. For many businesses and entrepreneurs, this means shifting into the digital world, as we have done with the 14th annual State of the Island Economic Summit.

Impacts to the hospitality industry, main-street retail, and many place-based businesses have been significant, due to both crisis management and consumer behaviour changes. Many physical and traditional businesses have been somewhat reticent in becoming digital for two basic reasons – they didn’t need to be or they don’t want to be.

Going digital can be intimidating and scary, to the point where businesses don’t know where to start or who to turn to for help. Join us for ‘The Pros & Cons of Going Digital’, a Summit session that will help you to learn best-practices for “going more digital” from industry experts and business owners who have pivoted or developed hybrid business models! Thank you to Reliable Controls for sponsoring this session.

“The world has already gone digital, with or without you! Every business can do something to pivot its business model to take advantage of the growing digital economy and benefit from the power of enabling technology.”

– Graham Truax, Session Moderator and Executive Director, Innovation Island

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