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Vancouver Island Summit Student Correspondent Contest

Student Correspondents Needed for #VISummit!

The Vancouver Island Economic Alliance is in need of capable students to act as media correspondents at the 2014 VI Summit. These correspondents will capture and summarize critical conversations and salient points brought up during discussions. This is meant to foster discussion after the event as well as help establish new goals for VIEA in the future.

This is an incredible opportunity for keen students who are eager to engage with the active business community here on Vancouver Island. The prestige of this event cannot be overemphasized, as it is the single largest economic gathering in Vancouver Island. This incredible networking and learning opportunity will be of great benefit to Vancouver Island’s up-and-coming innovators, business owners, political candidates, marketers, journalists, photographers, and young professionals.
Vancouver Island Economic Alliance is offering students of Vancouver Island Universities the chance to win tickets to the Vancouver Island Economic Summit and act as official media correspondents. There are (#4) prize tickets available, each worth a value of $400!
Contestants can expect to…
·Network with numerous Vancouver Island business owners and representatives
·Take part in all aspects of the Summit and trade show for free ($400 value);
·Engage with internationally acclaimed speakers on various economic topics;
·Gain credible experience as a social media correspondent and content creator;
·Showcase skills in writing, photography, and social media marketing to thousands of key stakeholders;
·Learn about Vancouver Island’s greatest economic challenges and learn about potential solutions to major issues;
·Gain insights for future employment with various Vancouver Island organizations and businesses
1.Ability to pleasantly engage with and interview people of various background and social status
2.Ability to take quality pictures with speed and precision and publish them to the web wirelessly
3.Ability to capture salient points that arise before, during and after group discussions
4.Ability to make accurate and appropriate posts to various social media profiles and platforms
5.Knowledge of social media marketing and buzz marketing strategies
6.MUST be fully available from 10:00 am 29th to 2:00pm of 30th.
Applicants will enter the competition by completing the following steps:
1. Go to VIEA’s website and look under ‘Our Members‘ or ‘Our Sponsors’ – find a member organization that you want to report on. If not able to reach one, chose another Island business of interest.
2.Request and conduct a casual interview with the owner or general manager of this Island business;
a) The interview must include at least five (5) questions; two (2) of which must be:
i). “Explain one of the biggest challenges you face as a Vancouver Island business/organization, and how do you overcome this challenge?”;
ii). “What issues are you most interested in discussing at this year’s Vancouver Island Economic Summit? Why?”;
b) The applicant must take at least one (1) picture during the interview that includes the business manager, and one (1) other picture of their choice;
c) Post a summary of the interview through a personal blog or Facebook account;
d) Share the summary through VIEA’s Twitter (mention ‘@VIAlliance’) and/or Facebook account, with hashtag #VISummit;
e) Discuss a salient point or quote of the interview on VIEA’s Facebook page;
f) Post at least one of the pictures on Instagram of Twitter while tagging VIEA and #VISummit.
3.Applicant will then submit a written summary of the interview via email to Written submission must include applicant’s name, university, degree program, year of study, country of origin, languages spoken, age, gender, email address, phone number, and links to all social media profiles, blogs, or websites.
Only entries that have been submitted according to the steps listed above will be considered for judging. Entries will be judged based on:
  1. Quality of writing and reasoning
  2. Quality and relevance of pictures
  3. Effective deduction of salient points
  4. Relevance of custom interview questions
  5. Effective use of social media (applicant’s personal social media use will be assessed)
1.Sept. 25 – Contest open to entries.
2.Oct. 21, 23:59 – Contest entries must be submitted. No late entries accepted.
3.Oct. 23– Contest entries judged and winners selected
4.Oct. 24– Winners must respond and attend preliminary training and orientation before the conference.
Please contact or @CalebMcIntyre_ (via Twitter) for more info or any questions related to this contest!


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