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Vancouver Island’s Future in Aquaculture

How will the world feed itself in 2050? What role will Canada play in marine food production? What barriers do we need to overcome? What are the opportunities? How will we on Vancouver Island use our enviable ocean resources for long-term, sustainable economic benefit?

Aquaculture is already a significant contributor to the Island’s food production economy with lots of room for diversification and expansion. And while fish, shellfish and seaweed cultivation have little in common and are at different stages of development, one thing is clear: global demand for these products is high.

How will we respond? And what will this mean for economic development in rural communities and First Nations? Join a panel of experts at the 2019 State of the Island Economic Summit as they address how Vancouver Island will respond to the future of Aquaculture.

Panelists will include:


Thank you to BC Salmon Farmers Association for sponsoring this session.


Thriving Orcas, Thriving Communities

Vancouver Island is a world-renowned marine tourism destination known for its abundance of marine mammals, exceptional sport fishing and unique coastal communities. Ensuring continued success of marine-based tourism will require a proactive, pragmatic, collaborative approach. Join the conversation at the Summit!

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