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VIEA Business Match – Connecting Business For Shared Prosperity

An interesting, diverse and forward-thinking group of businesses and communities will meet to forge new relationships at VIEA Business Match, March 11 – 13 at the Victoria Conference Centre.

VIEA Business Match is a unique way to connect with potential partners. Instead of the traditional format of networking you get at a conference, this revenue-driver focuses on strategic, pre-qualified online matching that leads to face to face appointments with specific leads interested in your business goals.

The event is a partnership between the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance andAdvanced Business Match. It is designed to capitalize on our new designation as aForeign Trade Zone, which makes Vancouver Island a preferred location for production and a destination for foreign direct investment. This puts us at the forefront of the burgeoning Asia-Pacific market, as our ports and proximity to the US make us valuable participants in economic growth.

Registered delegates for VIEA Business Match range from some of Vancouver Island’s most respected change-makers, to an international business consultancy offering strategic support in the maritime and aviation industries, sustainable water oxygenation innovation, construction and development leaders and a co-working concept designed to spark collaboration.

In addition to Coastal Community Credit UnionCascadia ProjectsJouta HRThe Nanaimo Airport CommissionAshatec North AmericaMcDougall EnergyThe Update CompanyTLC Solutions and VI Powerline, and more, the event features the following:

Apex Group are headquartered in Mumbai, India, and expanding into BC. They help start-up and turn around supply chain related businesses and bring together businesses with potential for synergies. They are particularly looking to contribute to the improvement/start-up of business in the ports/logistics-related services, technology, consulting and media sectors.
Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd. offers engineering design, construction and project management services for numerous land development and civil infrastructural renewal projects in BC and across Canada.
Gaia Water Ltd wants to license entrepreneurs for their exclusive technology that oxygenizes water and is applicable for agriculture, clean-tech, aquaculture and algae remediation.
Hazelwood Group of Companies wants partnerships and collaborations on civil construction, excavating and mining projects as well as providing training for GeoBreak/s NxBurst rock breaking products.
MOWIthe leading salmon aquaculture company in BC, wants to share their expertise on best aquaculture practices and information on existing mutually beneficial partnerships.
The Port Alberni Port Authority is looking for investors and partnerships for their plan to develop and operate a seafood processing plant. They have extensive experience in shipping, marine trade, marinas, tourism and hospitality with plans to grow each.
LandSea Camp Services builds and operate floating and land-based workforce housing in remote areas. They are looking to partner on construction projects requiring remote accommodations.
Ralmax Marine wants to expand their on-off Island cargo volume and establish a regular commercial marine link between Vancouver Island and Puget Sound.


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