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What to Expect at the Virtual Economic Summit

What to Expect at the Virtual Summit

This year, as the State of the Island Economic Summit moves to a digital, online format, we are excited to announce a number of great, easy to use tools to accompany the event.

Although we will still be using the same grassroots content as previous events, this year everything will be available to everyone at greatly reduced rates on a robust digital platform.

This year, we have created significant space between each panel session in order to give attendees the opportunity to set their own schedules for one-on-one meetings with other delegates. We have also given you the ability to either attend sessions live or view a recording of the session whenever convenient to you, allowing you to attend all sessions, where in previous events you would have to pick and choose.

We all know that the in-person Summit experience cannot be replaced, but the digital Summit offers much more than your standard Zoom call.

We are excited to announce that we will be opening the site to registrants prior to the Summit so that people can familiarize themselves with the new environment and start making appointments!

Join us from the comfort of your home (or office space!) this October 27-29 for the 14th Annual State of the Island Economic Summit!


Q&A Sessions and Networking Opportunities

Although the Summit will be taking place virtually, did you know there will still be opportunities for networking and Q&As following panel sessions?

Following panels, we’ve scheduled opportunities for those attending to participate in follow up roundtable discussions with presenters.

Along with this, every delegate will have access to the comprehensive list of attendees and the opportunity to invite people to meet over the 3 day Summit.

See the full Summit agenda here.


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