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When Business Meets the Doughnut

The Doughnut envisions a world that meets the needs of all people within the means of the living planet. It’s a world that is regenerative, rather than degenerative. And it is far more distributive of value and opportunity than today’s economy. What, then, does it mean for the future of business?

At last year’s Summit Carlota Sanz, Co-founder of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) and DEAL’s Strategic Lead presented the vision of Doughnut Economics.

Join us at the 2022 ‘State of the Island’ Economic Summit to hear from Carlota again as she speaks to how business can engage with the doughnut and how it’s being turned into transformative action to create economically resilient, ecologically safe and socially just cities and places around the world.

Cities including Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Cambridge are experimenting with the Doughnut model and in 2021 the City of Nanaimo joined these cities adopting a doughnut economics strategy.

Carlota’s presentation will be one of 24 sessions addressing a range of topics including:

  • Low carbon entrepreneurs
  • Workforce Housing
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Mental Health & Addiction
  • Workforce attraction & retention
  • Climate Change
  • Forestry – industry in transition
  • Finfish Aquaculture – industry in transition

And more — including Industry seminars, exhibitors, meals, and receptions.

Thanks to Innovation Island, Premier Sponsor for the 2022 Economic Summit.

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Susan Mowbray to Present Key Findings at the 2022 ‘State of the Island’ Economic Summit

Photo Credit Dirk Heydemann

Susan Mowbray, partner at MNP, will highlight key findings of the 8th Annual ‘State of the Island’ Economic Report in her presentation at the October 26 and 27 Economic Summit.

The report is an annual reading of the condition of Vancouver Island’s economy, a powerful tool widely used by public and private sector decision-makers to help make informed choices. It has been deemed essential reading for anyone serious about business on Vancouver Island.

Recently, VIEA published VI TRENDLINES, a multi-part companion series to the State of the Island Economic Report. Prepared by MNP and funded in part by Island Coastal Economic Trust, the series provided insights on recent population growth, housing, labour and employment and key industries.

For example, did you know the population on Vancouver Island grew by over 89,000 people from 2014 to 2021 To put this into perspective, population growth on Vancouver Island resulted in the addition of enough people to populate a city the size of Nanaimo. As well, the proportion of Islanders over the age of 50 declined from 59% to 35%.

Attend the Summit to learn more about Vancouver Island economic trends and receive your free digital copy (value $195) of this one-of-a-kind Economic Report.


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