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Waste Management – A Growing Concern

Waste Management has emerged as a topic of concern with broad implications Island-wide–and it’s not going away anytime soon. Plenty of information and misinformation is ‘out there’. Mixed together, confusion abounds in public discourse. The October 29/30 Economic Summitin Nanaimo will feature a session to provide perspective from local government, environment and technology–and answer vexing  questions about how we deal with the remnants of consumption.

A panel of knowledgeable experts will speak to present facts, realistic projections, the pros and cons of feasible solutions—including implications of cost and sustainability. Some of the obvious (to us…) concerns/questions that might be addressed include:
•    Projected life span of existing landfills – realism regarding need for/approval of future sites;
•    Trash Exporting – current reality, future outlook, cost and sustainability;
•    Waste to Energy – the science, politics, cost, and comparative environmental impact;
•    Diversion – best case percentages, market for recycled materials;
•    Organics Management – to compost, anaerobically digest, or bio-dry? Where are the best markets, which is the most economical, and where are the greatest risks/rewards?
•    Cost Implications – what does the new curbside program mean to businesses, consumers, and public coffers? What are the composting costs for those in food service?
•    Point/Counterpoint – Combining diversion with the real implications of landfill, exporting or waste to energy, what are our options and how do they compare when measuring cost, environment, sustainability, volumes, etc.

•    Larry Gardner, Manager, Solid Waste Services, Nanaimo Regional District
•    Konrad Fichter, Environmental  Consultant, Morrison Hershfield
•    Jim Standen, Assistant Deputy Minister,BC Ministry of Environment
•    Russ Smith, Senior Manager, Capital Regional District
•    Mark Schwartz, Manager Business Development, WheelabratorTechnologies Inc.

Over the past seven years VIEA’s Economic Summit has become the “centre of business on Vancouver Island.” In October 2014, we will delve into this and other topics of interest and relevance to our Island economy–sessions such as Innovations, Investment & Trade opportunities in the Green Economy, The Buzz Around Equity Crowdfunding, Immigrant Entrepreneurs & Our Evolving Business Culture, and more…

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