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Will the Future Be Friendly? Find out at the Economic Summit…



Treadway to Offer 2020 Foresight at Economic Summit


Futurist Bob Treadway will look ahead at the next five years of the Vancouver Island business environment and give glimpses into the decade that will follow. His presentation will offer a better understanding of driving forces for the next five years, a look at the economic developments that will affect the Island, and a system of thinking about the future to help prepare to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead. Bob will delve into social change, demographic shifts, consumer behavior, technology impact, and point out some of the surprises that could await Vancouver Island industries and companies in the 2020’s.

“Being on top of trends is critical to the success of the Nanaimo Port Authority, our business partners and clients,” says Bernie Dumas, President & CEO. “We all work hard dealing with daily issues while planning for and adjusting for a more prosperous future. Our biggest challenge is the need to address the port infrastructure to cover future needs for Vancouver Island customers. Credible insight into trends that affect our clients and partners provides opportunity to consider important strategies we might not have contemplated on our own. It is better to consider trends in our business plan and make informed business decisions than to hear about those trends already lending success in competing markets. We look forward to hearing what Mr. Treadway has to say in October about what he anticipates for Vancouver Island.” 

Bob Treadway is a globally-recognized consulting futurist, foresight advisor, and strategy facilitator. For the past 27 years he’s helped organizations, communities, and individuals look ahead, build robust strategy, plan flexibly, and take action on the future. Clients like Gillette, Motorola, the US Social Security Administration, the National League of Cities, Motorola, Pulse Canada, Hilton, US Gypsum, Starbucks, and economic development groups in dozens of North American regions and municipalities use his services to understand uncertainty, think even more strategically, and make better decisions. 

“Bob is an engaging and insightful speaker who will help you identify and analyze key trends and economic probabilities likely to impact your business or organization in the future. Without question, you will leave his presentation not only with a clearer picture of what the future may hold, but also with a better understanding of how to think about and act more strategically on what lies ahead.”  — Peter van Dongen Regional Marketing Manager, MNP LLP

Early Bird registration rates are available until July 31st.



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