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World’s leading expert on earthquake risk management to host Summit session

Companies and government organizations around the world have addressed the issues of earthquake and tsunami risk management and emergency planning. This session will address best practices based on 45 years of experience, field investigations of more than 120 natural disasters, and the outcomes of hundreds of projects for companies and organizations.

Most organizations have difficulties addressing earthquake risk management because they do not understand adequately (1) what the risk is, and (2) what they can do in a cost effective manner to control the risk (beyond just buying insurance). This Summit session featuring Peter Yanev answers the simple question that is often asked: If I could only do three things, what should I do?

Peter Yanev, Founder, EQE Consulting, Orinda, California, is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on earthquake risk management and earthquake engineering. Mr. Yanev founded EQE International, the world’s leading risk engineering and earthquake engineering firm until its sale in 2000, when it employed over 800 professionals.

Mr. Yanev has personally headed teams investigating over fifty earthquakes and sent teams to the others in order to capture the lessons learned first-hand. He has conducted hundreds of risk and engineering projects for numerous private industry clients across virtually all business sectors on six continents including housing, power and infrastructure, biotech and healthcare, oil and gas, forest products, governments and NGOs, among others.

It’s not a question of ‘if’. It’s a question of ‘when’…Are you ready?

‘Given the complexity and uncertainty of earthquake preparedness and recovery, the Economic Alliance is presenting Mr. Yanev to offer simple approaches to risk management to help businesses and communities take pragmatic steps and avoid being overwhelmed with information and expense. We are fortunate to have someone of Peter’s vast experience at the Economic Summit to inform us.’- Darrell Paysen, VIEA Chair



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