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3 Questions with Bruce Williams, CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

1.     What excites you about the annual State of the Island Economic Summit and what conversation you are most looking forward to having at this year’s Summit?

The opportunity to connect with new and familiar contacts to hear their perspective on our current and future economic circumstances, especially around innovation and opportunity

2.     What do you wish other people knew about VIEA and what role do you see VIEA playing in helping to advance the Island region through economic recovery and beyond?

There are great opportunities Island wide and collaboration is key to that, having organizations and individuals better understand the diversity within our economy to advance economic expansion.

3.     What has been your most significant learning or takeaway from the pandemic so far that is shaping your outlook for the future?

The creativity and ingenuity being shown by business and industry, but also the vulnerability of certain longtime leading sectors (ie. Tourism/travel, Hospitality).


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