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Arts and Culture on Vancouver Island

The arts and culture sector includes the core creation of artistic and cultural goods and services as well as its distribution, management and support services. It also includes publishing, motion picture and film-related activities as well as Internet publishing and broadcasting. 

Data specific to Vancouver Island’s Arts & Culture economy as a whole is difficult to come by, but according to IN SEARCH OF THE CREATIVE ECONOMY: Analyses of the Provincial and Territorial 2015-2016 Budgets from the Perspective of Arts, Culture and Heritage, culture GDP in British Columbia as a whole was $5.7 billion in 2010, representing 3.0% of its economy and accounted for 12.0% of culture GDP in Canada. And B.C. has more artists per capita than any other province. The number of culture jobs in the province was 87,996, or 3.8% of total jobs in British Columbia. Audio-visual and interactive media ($1.8 billion) had the largest share of culture GDP, followed by Visual and applied arts ($1.2 billion) and Written and published works ($961 million). Together they accounted for 69.9% of culture GDP in British Columbia.

For more information on employment, wages and number of businesses in this sector, consult recent editions of VIEA’s State of the Island Economic Report.