Organizational Excellence Specialists Inc

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About Organizational Excellence Specialists Inc:

Organizational Excellence Specialists work with organizations across sectors to improve performance and collectively make a positive contribution to productivity. Why we do it? We want public, private, and non-profit organizations to be the best they can be. How we do it? We transfer knowledge on best management practices that are common to high performing organizations so these practices can be understood and successfully used by any size and type of organization. What we do ? We train professionals and work with organizations, using a holistic or modular approach, to successfully implement the best management practices. Our work is distinguished by the ‘Organizational Excellence Framework’, a publication that integrates leading excellence models and provides implementation guidelines, a ‘leading edge technological platform’ that automates the assessment and reporting process. and ‘edutainment, a commitment to make the whole experience educational, affordable, and entertaining. Our core services are custom designed to meet each organization’s unique requirements and include: scenario games, assessments and feedback reports, workshops, and implementation assistance.

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