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Bonus TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE – Stories of Digital Innovation


Bonus TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE – Stories of Digital Innovation


Multi-cloud platforms, server virtualization, application program interfacing, digital twinning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, decentralized exchanges, asynchronous database operations, etc., etc. These are the tools of digital entrepreneurs. Today’s back office isn’t “upstairs” it’s behind an electronic firewall. If this sounds like a foreign language [] or just another day at your hybrid workspace, please join us for a show and tell from Island-based companies who are doing amazing things with enabling technology!

Graham Truax, Executive Director, Innovation Island
Presenting Companies:


Register now to join us for this Bonus Technology Showcase – Stories of Digital Innovation, Tuesday October 26th from 3:00pm to 4:30pm and learn about the people behind some of these progressive companies and industries.

The Tech and Innovation Showcase is sponsored by TD Bank.


The geography of disruption and ripple effects of dematerialization


Is it possible to do more with less? In surviving a pandemic (or going in that direction), what’s next!

2020-21 delivered one of the biggest disruptions to modern life and economy that most of us have ever experienced. Albeit, the impact of these “disruptions” varied greatly depending on your positioning within our economic system. At the same time, we’ve struggled to better address a long list of social and cultural issues, not to mention the existential threat of climate change. While most of us agree on the “17” Sustainable Development Goals, what’s far less agreeable is how we will achieve them. If you do the math (and many have) sustainability is not sustainable, it’s too slow, arbitrary, and it’s not “scalable” for what’s really needed. Love it or hate it, the forces of disruptive innovation and dematerialization might just save us (spoiler alert – it’s already happening).

Join Graham and numerous other presenters considering a broad range of important topics at the Economic Summit October 27 & 28.

The Geography of Disruption is sponsored by Reliable Controls.

“For the past 15 years VIEA has delivered value to Island businesses by providing strategic insights and learning opportunities to improve our economic growth and our economic sustainability. In these COVID times we could all benefit from the collective wisdom and guidance of VIEA members. Like many others on the Island, our company looks forward to the continuing business insights and opportunities that will be shared in the new digital format of the 2021 Economic Summit. Thank you VIEA for leading the way.”
Tom Zaban, President

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