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The Green Economy — How Do We Excel?

In a world that is facing environmental challenges and growing energy demands, responsible development is required for a green and sustainable economy. The focus on global innovation and thriving international trade of a wide range of technology products, services and solutions is ever more critical. The Pacific Northwest region of North America has a great tradition of responding to market demands effectively and enjoys a valued position in global commerce.
A panel of insightful observers and domain experts will discuss innovation, jobs and trade opportunities being created and assisted:
Elmer Sum, Co-Founder of GreenTech Exchange and PowerHaus Network, has engaged the innovation process throughout his career in business, industry, investment and academia. He has cultivated extensive networks in North America, Asia and Europe. A member of the SFU Innovation Office, Elmer is a senior advisor to several Cleantech & enviornmental organizations and chairs the Asia Pacific Gateway of Global Cleantech Cluster Association. Elmer holds a B.Sc. from UC Berkeley, a M.Sc. from UCLA plus management training at MIT – Moderator.
Paul Manson is the CEO of Sea Breeze Power Corp., a Vancouver, British Columbia based developer of renewable energy and transmission projects, including several projects on Vancouver Island.  The Cape Scott Wind Farm (99 MW), located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, was initiated by Sea Breeze in 2002, and commenced commercial operations in 2013. The 550 MW Juan de Fuca Cable Project is a proposed High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC-VSC) submarine transmission cable that will interconnect Victoria, BC with Port Angeles, Washington, and provide increased capacity and reliability for the grid systems of both British Columbia and the US Pacific Northwest.
Paul Austin is the Regional Director of Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and has 30 years of global marketing and business development experience working in information technology and heavy industries.
Neil Huff is Managing Director of Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre (CAC) with a mandate to help make Western Canada a world leader in the development of clean technology.
Paul Shorthouse is Managing Director of GLOBE Advisors.  Over the last several years, Paul has directly overseen the successful completion of over a dozen industry research projects and workforce studies on key sectors of the green economy including energy, transportation, natural resources, and construction.
Daniel Matross is a Trade Commissioner focused on cleantech, science and technology with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service based in San Francisco.
Tom Ranken is President & CEO of the Washington Clean Technology Alliance (WCTA), based in Seattle. Under Tom’s leadership, WCTA’s membership has grown by nearly a factor of 7 to nearly 250 companies, research institutions, and other organizations in Washington State.
Over the past seven years VIEA’s Economic Summit has become the “centre of business on Vancouver Island.” In October 2014, we will delve into even more session topics of great interest and relevance to our Island economy including Innovations in Wood Fibre, challenges, projections and opportunities for Waste Management, and Immigrant Entrepreneurs and our evolving business culture. We will also release the first year results of VI’s innovative Economic Gardening program.
Questions such has ‘How can we help grow (pun intended) the business of agriculture?’ ‘What do Treaty Settlements mean to the Island economy?’ and ‘What sort of product development is critical for attracting tourists?’ will be addressed–and much, much more…


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