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Summit Addresses Working from Home, Competing Online & Doing Business More Virtually!

Why Make the Shift to the Digital World?

The past 6+ months have brought challenges to our economy that few would have predicted, having forced us to work from home, compete online, and work to do business more virtually.

Impacts to the hospitality industry, main-street retail, and many place-based businesses have been significant, due to both crisis management and consumer behaviour changes. Many physical & traditional businesses have been somewhat reticent in getting ‘more’ digital for two basic reasons – they didn’t need to, or they didn’t want to.

Join industry experts and business owners who have pivoted or developed hybrid business models at the 14th Annual State of the Island Economic Summit to learn their best-practices for “going more digital”:


• Graham Truax, Executive Director, Innovation Island


• Tom Keenoy, Design Director, Partner, Medium Rare Interactive

• Leah Tremain , CEO, Tremain Media

Walcan Seafood

Thank you to Reliable Controls for sponsoring this session!


Kate O’Neill Keynotes Summit

Between emerging technologies like automation and AI, climate change, geopolitical upheaval, and now COVID-19, the transformational pressures facing cities and businesses are intense.

But the key to resolving the conflicting priorities, Kate argues, is to focus on humanity and the future of human experiences.

Drawing insights from across industries and across the world, O’Neill makes the case for an approach to technology adoption and digital transformation that prioritizes attributes that are most compellingly human.

Don’t miss her plenary session at the Summit. See the full agenda here.

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