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Transportation and Warehousing on Vancouver Island

This sector is comprised of air, rail, water, truck and transit transportation as well as the movement of goods, warehousing and storage. Wages in this sector are similar to the provincial average. This sector is particularly important both because of the geographical and logistical implications of the island setting and also for related opportunities for the coastal communities. Infrastructure expansions at airports, marinas and other types of harbour redevelopments play a key role in this sector’s development.

Because of the high-capacity of under-utilized industrial land, as well as established air, land, and marine transportation and warehousing infrastructure, Vancouver Island is the ideal location for the manufacturing, storing, and transportation of goods. Producers export cargo from Vancouver Island using short-sea and trans-ocean shipping, as well as air and land transportation systems.

The Foreign Trade Zone designation on Vancouver Island (FTZVI), provides unique opportunities for Island businesses and transportation providers. One of FTZVI’s main goals is to enhance connectivity and utilization within the Island’s intermodal transportation system. Through core funding from three levels of government, along with substantial stakeholder partnerships, FTZVI functions as the go-to resource to promote and facilitate international trade on Vancouver Island. 

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For more information including employment, wages and number of businesses in this sector, consult recent editions of VIEA’s State of the Island Economic Report


VIEA’s Transportation Initiative

In the next phase of this initiative, transportation will be considered within the context of the challenges faced by Manufacturers as they move goods to, from and throughout the Island. Goods included finished products and materials in the supply chain. See VIEA’s introductory video shown at its 2015 Vancouver Island Transportation Forum/Plan in Victoria.