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The Tourism Sector on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island continues to gain international recognition as a top vacation destination. This sector is supported by businesses providing accommodation, food services, transportation, retail, arts and culture, and recreation.

Tourism on Vancouver Island represents a significant portion of the provincial numbers for overnight visitation. The pristine natural environment and unique cultural landscape on Vancouver Island hold significant appeal for international tourists, as well as visitors from other parts of Canada.

Travellers tend to visit Vancouver Island between the months of July and September. The second most popular time to visit the Island is during the spring from April to June. The majority of tourists visiting the Island during the fall and winter seasons are travelling from other parts of BC. While on Vancouver Island, tourists most frequently participate in outdoor activities, including beach-going, hiking, visiting parks, boating, and camping. Tourists also enjoy cultural activities such as visiting museums, galleries, historic sites, and festivals.

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For more information including visitor indicators, employment, wages and number of businesses in this sector, consult recent editions of VIEA’s State of the Island Economic Report


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